Blueberry are ready for 2018

Are you ready for blueberry ?

"BC’s pure waters, clean air, rich soils and moderate climate create perfect growing conditions for blueberries"( The British Columbia Blueberry Council )

Staffs and friends of FutureLife blueberry farm are excited and gathered at the farm today to celebrate the beginning of the 2018 harvesting season  for  blueberry .


FutureLife Farm welcomes Oxbo 7440 Harvester join our fleet !

FutureLife team welcomes Oxbo 7440 Harvester join our fleet today!

The 7440 is the second generation of the 7420 featuring an Eco-Mode which allows the harvester to run only as hard as the conditions dictate, dramatically reducing noise and fuel consumption.

WE can realiz up to 50% fuel savings when in Eco-Mode. New features include head speed control ± 5rpm, a 7 inch bi-lingual, high resolution display, Total Control Joystick, cruise control, auto-height function, acreage counter, improved cooling capacity and more.

First Batch of Blueberries Produced in Canada Arrived Zhengzhou China on Aug1, 2016

In  the morning of August 1, 2016, the first batch of three tons of blueberries produced in Canada arrived Zhengzhou China,
This batch of blueberries shipped from BC Province of Canada a day ago, It took more than 20 hours by flight to Zhengzhou,
and then it only took less than half a day to pass China Customs and food inspection,  therefore, it keeps the greatest degree of assurance of blueberries fresh and nutrition.