FutureLife Farm welcomes Oxbo 7440 Harvester join our fleet !

FutureLife team welcomes Oxbo 7440 Harvester join our fleet today!

The 7440 is the second generation of the 7420 featuring an Eco-Mode which allows the harvester to run only as hard as the conditions dictate, dramatically reducing noise and fuel consumption.

WE can realiz up to 50% fuel savings when in Eco-Mode. New features include head speed control ± 5rpm, a 7 inch bi-lingual, high resolution display, Total Control Joystick, cruise control, auto-height function, acreage counter, improved cooling capacity and more.

The flexible design of the Oxbo 7440 allows for harvesting in many crops, including blueberries, raspberries, and blackberries. With solid side panels and each side an equal distance from the center of the tunnel, the Oxbo 7440 travels through the field without causing fruit droppage on adjacent rows. The 7440 gives growers the most choice in customization with a selection of three different picking heads and fully configurable upper and lower cleaning systems.