FutureLife Farm is Open for Business during COVID 19 Pandemic


FutureLife Farm keeps open for Business During COVID 19 pandemic COVID 19 pandemic.

For your safety, please call us at 604 231 0068 for an appointment before you come.

From July through until September, FutureLife Farm  blueberry varieties offer world-class options for flavour, sweetness, and fresh and frozen quality. Here are a few of the most popular

DUKE An early variety for processing and fresh market. This heavy-producing bush is upright, stocky and open. Blooms late, produces early and consistently. Harvested in two picks. Fruit: Large-size, light blue and firm. Flavour is maintained in cold storage. Excellent for individual quick freezing and fresh shipping.

BLUECROP Mid-season variety for processing and fresh market. The bush is vigorous, and may even tend to over-produce if not carefully pruned. Harvest occurs in three to four picks. The fruit is large, light blue and firm. Good flavour.

ELLIOTT Very late, fresh market variety. Bush is upright, vigorous and consistently productive. Fruit: Medium size, light blue and firm, slightly tart flavour. Good for storage.